American Soldiers in a Foreign Land

by George Higgins
(published in Veterans’ Voices Fall 2004 issue)

From Afghanistan to Iraq and then
From Baghdad to Tirkrit and back again
There’re G.I.s combatting terrorists on the run
In the hot desert air and blazing sun.

American soldiers on duty in foreign lands
With rifles, BAR, and carbines in their hands
Ready to fire when there’s an alarm,
Ready to fire in time of harm.

Some engaged in brutal combat
Are trained and seasoned men.
Thirty thousand strong, ready to strike
The enemy again and again.

Marching in columns one by one,
Ready with their weapon, here they come.
The American soldiers in Afghan and Iraq,
Moving forward and ready to attack.

VAMC—Prescott, AZ
Typist: Pris Chansky