Just Thoughts

Just Thoughts

 By Charles Bartle

 VA Medical Center — Orlando, FL


Watching people teaches me a lot. When you look at people, you can tell if they have cares on their minds. People have many things that worry them I figure if

it is going to happen, it will just happen. When you’re worried, you need to read the 14th Chapter of John in the Bible.

” Some of the smartest people never went to college.”

Education is great, but life is more than schooling. People need the wisdom that comes from common sense, mother wit.

When you talk to people, think before you speak. Would what you are about to say hurt you? If so, rethink what you are going to say. Be kind and thoughtful. How

you say the words is also important.   Why did we need to be the first country to reach the moon? We can’t get along here on earth. Why would we be able to get along better on the moon?

Do you have a problem? If so, you have to get to the  root of the problem and get it out, like pulling up a tree trunk. If you don’t, it will spring up somewhere else.    How do you know what you are doing is right? You have to first get right with God. God will show you the right thing to do.

At funerals, why do preachers preach about the dead? Whatever you say about the dead makes no difference to them now. Preach to the living; it may be the only time they hear about God.

The hardest thing in life to say is, “I have done wrong.”

These are just my thoughts.


Writing Aide: Wendy Churchville


I’m From Kansas

I’m From Kansas

 By Michael L. Daniel

VA Medical Center — Kansas City, MO


I was raised in Leavenworth, Kan., but I was living in Columbus, Ga. One spring, a friend and I went to Ft. Benning in observance of Armed Forces Day. It just happened that I had on a large Stetson. One of the vendors noticed it and yelled “Hey dude! Where you from? Texas?”

“Naw,” I said, “I’m from Kansas.”

Then, the vendor said,” “Oh, I know somebody from Kansas; maybe you might know her. Her name is Dorothy.”

I thought of all the Dorothys’ I knew. “Was it this one or that one?” I asked myself.

“Naw.” The vendor said, “She had a little dog.” So now I thought of all the Dorothys

with dogs, still to no avail. “Her dog’s name was Toto,” added the vendor.

H-m-m-m-m: Dorothy, Toto.

“A-w-w-w-w-h.” I finally got the joke.

By now a crowd had gathered. They all had a good laugh, as did I. The vendor gave me free beer the rest of the day.


Writing Aide/Typist: Karen M. Iverson