VAMC Gives Hope

VAMC Gives Hope

 By Linda Oliver

VA Medical Center —Orlando, FL


In May of 2010, I was involved in a terrible auto accident caused by a drunk driver. My condition required hospitalization for several months, as I experienced massive injuries to my legs, especially my left leg.

Since the accident, I have been unable to walk.  Although I am not paralyzed, I have been in a wheelchair ever since. I still have tremendous pain in my legs; however, with the help of my caseworker, I have been able to continue my rehabilitation at the Orlando VAMC where I was admitted in January of 2012.

I wanted to say that since my admittance at the VAMC, I have had nothing but a positive experience. I have found the staff to be friendly and supportive in their endeavors to help me improve my medical condition. Through rehabilitation, my pain is more tolerable. Additionally, I feel more spiritually inclined. You have to understand that when you experience such a traumatic injury, there is a period of time when you feel as if no one can help you turn your life around up until my admittance at the Orlando VAMC, I was extremely depressed and discouraged.

However, the staff here has given me hope and improved my physical condition.  I will go home soon but plan to continue with rehabilitation. The good news is that my rehab sessions will be held at the VAMC, which gives me hope for a complete recovery over time.