Veterans’ Voices, a KC non-profit, is getting kicked to the curb

For Immediate Release

June 19, 2014

A national non-profit organization, headquartered in Kansas City and offering therapeutic writing services to America’s veterans is getting kicked out of their Mission, KS office space with no place to go and limited funds to finance an office move. After 40 years in the same location, Veterans’ Voices magazine and the Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project (HVWP) were informed last week, by their new landlord, that they must vacate their office space by July 31.

Board members, staff, volunteers, as well as HVWP Board President, Jerry D. Brown, are shocked and scrambling to find new office space in time. Veterans’ Voices and HVWP has served thousands of veterans over the years with their therapeutic writing program that helps veterans process the emotional and mental impact of their combat experiences… essentially healing our heroes and in many cases preventing suicide.

“We are in the middle of a transition process to update our technology and processes to reach younger generations of veterans so the legacy and assistance can continue on. The additional costs of the move could mean the end of helping veterans. In fact, Veterans’ Voices won’t be publishing its summer issue because of this unbudgeted expense for moving.” said Jerry Brown.

HVWP was established in 1946 by Elizabeth Fontaine with the support of the Chicago North Shore chapter of Theta Sigma Phi (now The Association for Women in Communications)  In 1952, Gladys Feld Helzberg  and Sally Keach, with assistance from the Greater Kansas City chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, established the Veterans’ Voices publication to provide a national outlet for the collection of special writings. Veterans’ Voices has published over 58,000 works in its 62-year history. It is supported by private donations and while the magazine serves veterans, it does not receive funds from the Veterans Administration.Vet with Writing Aid

Veterans’ Voices has been quietly working behind the scenes serving and helping our veterans across the country. The history of this organization in Kansas City is long and deep, and their story has largely gone untold in the Kansas City community. It’s really a hidden gem that exemplifies philanthropic Kansas City’s spirit. There is no other veteran organization like it.

Over the past year, the organization has been implementing a technology initiative to offer more online methods to receive and publish veteran’s stories.  Having to find new office space, the cost of new phone lines, updating materials with a new address, sorting, packing, moving and setting up a new office, is an unexpected expense that could just be enough to stop all services permanently.

“We desperately need the community’s help to not only find new office space, but also to help support the cost of the move and other associated expenses. HVWP is a 501 (c)(3) and relies solely on private donations and grants for all its operations,”  said Margaret Clark, HVWP Vice President and Editor of Veterans’  Voices.

–If you’d like to donate, go to or mail check or money order to: Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project, 5920 Nall, Suite 101, Mission, KS 66202-3456.

–If you know of office space available in the Kansas City area at no or low cost, please email

To learn more information about Veterans’ Voices and HVWP, visit  or