Veterans’ Voices Is Not Publishing Summer Issue

For the first time in its 65-year history, Hospitalized Veterans Writing Project (VVWP), the publishers of Veterans’ Voices magazine, will not publish a Summer issue. Due to unexpected costs and time constraints of a forced move to new offices, VVWP volunteers do not have the resources, both in time and money, to publish a Summer issue. Last month VVWP was notified that it had 30 days to vacate its offices.

“We were caught off guard by the move and the additional expenses,” said VVWP President Jerry D. Brown. “We run a very tight budget to begin with and this expense was just too much. We know many authors and readers will be disappointed, but our board believed this was the best course of action.”

The average cost for publishing one 64-page issue of the magazine is approximately $12,000, which includes costs for formatting, printing, mailing and prize money for each published author.

Veterans’ Voices relies solely on private donations and grants for all its operations; both have been down in recent years. “The donations we receive and the subscriptions for the magazine have not covered the costs and we have been using some of our reserve funds. However, we are looking for corporate sponsors for each issue going forward for a long-term sustainable solution so we don’t have to close down altogether, said VVWP Treasurer Tess Raydo.

The organization has found office space at the Veterans of Foreign Wars headquarters building, 406 W. 34th St., Kansas City, Mo. The new telephone number for VVWP is 816-701-6844 and the website is The group will resume publication of Veterans’ Voices with the Fall issue.