Hope for Humanity

By Carlos Ortiz

A great person once told me life is a journey to be lived,

Not a problem to be solved.

I continuously reiterate these words to all my friends and family

Who are overwhelmed with life or are dysfunctionally involved.

These words are the essences of my sanity,

For I am constantly worried about superfluous things like vanity.

We are social beings that need each other,

In order to coexist we should live like sister and brother.

I close these few linkes with total reservation

And hope one day all humans can show each other love and dedication.

VAMC-Brooklyn, NY

Typists: Deena Jacobs


By Earnest Jenkins


Healing comes when we come together

to bring peace.

Our faith keeps us connected

to one another.

Our thoughts constantly rotate around

in isolation.

We fall into a deep sleep.

We awaken to a sound of a new day

a day of reckoning

that gives us the power to heal

the brokenhearted.

Healing comes with our minds are renewed

by our faith

that created a new being.


VAMC-Las Vegas, NV

HVWP Hosts Open House, Celebrates New Office Space

HVWP Hosts Open House, Celebrates New Office Space

Kansas City, Mo. — Veterans Voices Writing Project (HVWP), a national non-profit that provides therapeutic writing services to hospitalized and outpatient veterans served by the Department of Veterans Affairs, will open its doors this fall to Kansas City’s civic and business community.

In June 2014, HVWP was kicked out of its office in Mission, Kan., by the new building owners. With limited resources and time, HVWP scrambled to find and secure new office space. As luck would have it, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) national headquarters, located in Kansas City, Mo., welcomed HVWP to its building.

“We are beyond grateful for the extended support and inclusion from VFW leaders and staff,” said HVWP Board President, Jerry D. Brown. “With our new office space in the VFW building, there is a natural alliance and synergy with our organizations, allowing each of us to better serve our veterans and our respective organizational missions.”

To celebrate its new headquarters and partnership with VFW, HVWP will host an open house Wednesday, October 1 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Open House

About Veterans Voices Writing Project (HVWP) and Veterans’ Voices

Founded in 1946, HVWP provides writing as therapy to rehabilitate hospitalized and outpatient veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs system. In 1952, HVWP established the magazine, Veterans’ Voices, in an effort to empower veterans by publishing their work at a national level. The magazine is published three times per year and is distributed to VA medical centers across the country. HVWP and Veterans’ Voices is governed by a board of 10 dignitaries, business leaders and veterans. The board oversees HVWP’s operations, coordinates programs with members and orchestrates its writing aids, VAVS representatives and volunteers. For additional information about HVWP, please call 816-701-6844 or visit www.veteransvoices.org.