By Karen Green

I’d like to have a dime
for every teardrop that I shed,
then it wouldn’t seem worthless
to shed tears to clear my head.
Sometimes my heart feels heavy,
my life so filled with fears,
I could relieve myself from this weight
if I just would shed some tears.
I’ve always been told to stand tall,
that crying’s a waste of time,
but to hold back those tears
only hurts the mind.
Tears are like raindrops.
They cleanse the inner man,
so I don’t have to hold back,
I’ll cry, I know I can.
When my heart feels heavy
and my life starts to fill with fears,
I’ll relieve myself from that weight
by crying some healthy tears.

VAMC—Las Vegas, NV

My Gratitude

By Michael D. Monfrooe

“Do no harm,” a sacred oath to which you swore.
I too took an oath preparing me for war.
You trained long and hard to be the very best.
I served our country, medals on my chest.
You treat the suffering, comfort families that wait.
I trained men and women, not knowing their fate.
You visit patients at night to ease their fear.
I’ve consoled many a soldier as they shed a tear.
Your skills are a true gift, to ease one’s pain.
Patients see in you, hope, a future and that you care.
Once people saw in my eyes a “Thousand Year Stare.”
Such awe inspiring words, “Do no harm.”
You did fine by me, Doc; I didn’t buy the farm.

VAMC—Fargo, ND