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Double Love

By Jesse W. Sturghill, Jr, VAMC—Memphis, TN

Writing Aide/Typist: Susan Matthews


To measure your love is a very hard test.

It must have the unity and highest respect.

People talk of hate and pain every day,

The only solution is to have double love in play.


To live a good live, you must know what these things mean.

Today is not promised, tomorrow is never seen.

I met an old man who once had a good start.

His hopes were all crushed by a broken heart.


One day it will be my chance at success.

Until that, I’ll work hard and do my best.

To live a good live you must know what these things mean.

Today is not promised, tomorrow never seen.

Veterans’ Day

By David B. Waldon, VAMC – Prescott, AZ


Today I saw grown men cry

As they looked a statue in the eye.

A flood of memories they have to hear.

We will never understand since we were not there.


They served this country like many before,

But we pit on them and slammed our doors.

So many died; I watched the news wild eyed.

I could not wait to fight by their side.


Fifty-thousand young men never came back,

So we built a wall that makes it fact.

The parade was great, the smiles, puppies, and people galore.

For an hour we forgot that we still at war.


Our freedom each day has been paid for with blood.

There’s a solider somewhere in the rain and the mud.

He never really knows if he will ever come home,

As he sits on a hill afraid and alone.


The one thing he has is his brother beside,

And together they fight for all of our lives.

So remember these men in your prayers every night,

They are standing guard so we can sleep tight.