by Dorothy Remo

VA Media Center, San Antonio, TX

Typist: Lee Torres


What is it like to think you might be crazy or acting crazy when nothing is certain? Everything has turned so different. I’m looking at my world from a distant place where I’m not participating, no interacting.

My thoughts have blown up–they are so big and consume all my time. Are there aliens in the corner? I want to ask someone. It looks like there are buy my eyes can’t see clearly. I can’t ask because no one is paying attening to what’s happening, to what I’m seeing and feeling.

Everything that is….    Read more in the Spring 2015 issue of Veterans’ Voices magazine.


by Paul Wilkison


Every civilization

Contains within

Itself two types

Of seeds:

At the beginning,

Seeds of greatness.

At the end,

Sees of destruction.


VAMC, Albuquerque, NM

Writing Ade: Phyllis Bibeau

Typist: Jane Harvey