Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit manuscripts for publication?

All submissions of prose, poetry and artwork can be submitted online or mailed to VVWP offices. VVWP does its very best to publish the works of each and every writer who submits materials correctly and follows the very specific submission guidelines listed here:

Is there any limit as to what I can submit?

Writers can submit up to three typed poems, each no longer than 24 lines with 60 character width. Prose should be no longer than 10 pages, typed using double spacing. Artists can submit up to 10 drawings and photographs. For more information, see submission guidelines.

How long will it take for my writings or artwork to be published?

The Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) does its very best to publish the works of each and every writer who submits materials correctly and follows the very specific submission guidelines. VVWP is pleased to receive hundreds upon hundreds of entries, noting that so far our veterans have been represented in 49 of our 50 great states. Because of this, there can be a considerable time lapse between receipt of the veteran’s works and its publication. And it is regrettable that due to limited publication space, not all manuscripts are published.

How will I know when my work has been published in Veterans’ Voices?

The Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) does its very best to notify and each and every writer who is published in Veterans’ Voices. Notification is sent to the attention of the writer at the address on the submission form. A complimentary issue of Veterans’ Voices is sent to each published writer.

As volunteers (professional journalists and writers) edit the materials for each issue, some manuscripts receive cash prizes that have been sponsored by various groups and individuals. The VVWP volunteer staff prepares and mails checks to the authors following the publication of each issue.

How do I know if I received a prize for my submission?

Some manuscripts receive cash prizes that have been sponsored by various groups and individuals. See the list of sponsors and prizes available. The VVWP volunteer staff prepares and mails checks to the authors following the publication of each issue.

How do I sign up to sponsor a writing prize in Veterans’ Voices?

Writers and artists qualify for a variety of prizes if their work is published in Veterans’ Voices. You can become a regular sponsor of a writing prize category of your choice by contacting the VVWP office at 816-701-6844. Within the pages of Veterans’ Voices each writing prize is listed along with the name of the sponsoring individual or organization. See the list of current sponsors and prizes.

What a thrill it will be for you knowing that your small financial gift made it possible for a veteran to see his/her writing in print and receive a small monetary reward for the effort. Once the winners for each category have been selected, the VVWP volunteer staff prepares and mails checks to the winning authors.

Is the material published in Veterans’ Voices protected by copyright law?

Reproduction of material published in Veterans’ Voices, in whole or part, is welcomed! Full credit must be given to the writer and this magazine. Mail two copies of the reprint to the editor at the headquarters address.

How do I sign up to receive a subscription to Veterans’ Voices?

Reduced subscription rates are available to hospitalized veterans or outpatients participating in the writing project, as well as educational institutions and libraries. Veterans, whose work appears in the current issue of the magazine, also receive complimentary copies.

Regular subscriptions are available for a minimum donation of only $25 per year. Donations and subscription orders can be sent to: Veterans Voices Writing Project, 406 West 34th St., Suite 103, Kansas City, MO  64111.

What makes the Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) a unique and worthwhile charitable organization?

VVWP is designed to utilize writing as therapy for veterans. Writing aides, writing group leaders, volunteers and/or Veterans Administration medical center staff encourage veterans to write. In 1952, the magazine, Veterans’ Voices, was created to encourage veterans by publishing their work. Since that time, this 64-page magazine has been published three times per year (Spring, Summer and Fall).

Veterans often experience traumatic and life-changing experiences in the service of their country. Through the coordinated efforts of  VVWP volunteers and/or VA medical center staff, veterans across the United States are encouraged to write as therapy. They may submit their manuscripts (prose, poetry and artwork) for publication in Veterans’ Voices, the only publication dedicated solely to veterans’ writings.

It can mean so much to a veteran when a story, poem or artwork is published in Veterans’ Voices magazine, proving again that love (and writing) is still the best medicine. Veterans are looking for a helping hand to bolster their self-esteem, to make them proud to have served our country. These veterans, whatever their disabilities, need to know that while their service is interrupted, they are not forgotten. VVWP has gone to great lengths to instill in the hearts of veterans a pride of accomplishment, a reward for an endeavor well done. As long as men and women dream, Veterans’ Voices will be there to fulfill those dreams.

What has the Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) accomplished?

Every issue of Veterans’ Voices contains the writing and artwork of hundreds of veterans from nearly every state. Manuscripts and letters from veterans express how thrilling it is for them to see their remembrances and compositions in print. Many are so excited that they do not cash the small checks that they receive as prizes for being published. Some return the checks as a donation to help keep Veterans’ Voices going. For many veterans, seeing their poetry or prose in print is the boost that they need to get over depression. At least one veteran author has gone on to have several books published – and he still regularly contributes to the magazine. To this day, Van Garner is encouraged when he sees his writing in print. Read his testimonial:

As a former mental patient, veteran Van Garner knows the value of a friend….. someone who is there in bad times as well as good times. Van believes, in a way, VVWP saved his life, lifted him up from the bottom when he needed it. “VVWP is that friend that guided me from the darkness of myself into a light of trust for tomorrow,” writes Van.

How does the Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) help people in my community?

Volunteer writing aides and writing group leaders, both inside and outside of VA facilities, work to assist veterans in getting their life experiences on paper, to type these and to submit them for publication in Veterans’ Voices.  We work closely with the volunteer services and recreation therapy directors in all VA facilities, as well as other veterans organizations to promote the benefits of therapeutic writing. The VA system has been very supportive of the efforts of VVWP because of the positive effects on the patients in their facilities. Volunteer editors prepare these manuscripts for publication. Small stipends and donated prizes are paid to veterans whose work is published.

Why does the Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) need my support?

VVWP and Veterans’ Voices is supported solely by contributions from corporations,  individuals and veterans’ organizations. It takes many donations to provide support for writing aides and the publication of the 64-page magazine. With the need to reach more veterans of all generations and in more ways with new technology, the demand for more funds is always increasing. VVWP has plans for digital publishing of the magazine, additional technology to serve veterans and increase support for writing aides and writing groups. With more donations from caring people like you, these initiatives can be fulfilled. Each donation is valued and put to good use.

How are the funds utilized?

Donations are utilized in the publication of the magazine – for printing, prizes (as established by various individuals and organizations), mailing costs, maintaining website and technology, staff and offices. The Veterans Voices Writing Project’s only paid employee is a half-time administrative manager, and we know we need more staff.  As publication and mailing costs rise, the board continually seeks out new ways to publish and distribute veterans work. Volunteers are a key component to providing the therapeutic writing services, and many individuals contribute their time or services– just as they have done since 1952, but more is needed.

How can I make a financial donation to the Hospitalized Writing Project?

On-line credit card donations to the VVWP can be accepted right now at or  go to Donation page.

Can I volunteer? How?

The Veterans Voices Writing Project (VVWP) is actively seeking volunteers — just like you — from across the nation.

Persons wanting to get involved with the project and pay tribute to those who served our great nation are urged to contact the VVWP office at 816-701-6844.

Volunteers: VVWP can use your unique talents and time in some capacity: either as a VVWP representative, a writing aide, writing assistant, proofreader, or a fundraiser. VVWP operates under the direction of an all-volunteer board with volunteer editors and proofreaders, who help produce the magazine, Veterans’ Voices. Without the dedication of our wonderful volunteers, Veterans’ Voices could not continue to exist as it has since 1952!

You may also contact your nearest Veterans Administration facility and visit with the volunteer services director and/or the recreation therapy director.


Please contact the VVWP office at 816-701-6844.

Or send an email to