Published Work

What Veterans’ Voices Means to Me

What Veterans’ Voices Means to Me  By Janice Walker VA Medical Center — Dublin, GA   The first time I can remember being published in Veterans’ Voices was while I lived in the Atlanta area. The inspired poem was titled, “In the Morning.” It was a time of struggling and suffering, yet the Holy Spirit birthed it through me.(…)

My Healthe Vet

My HealtheVet By Susanne Marie Colvin VA Medical Center — Boise, ID   My HealtheVet is the VAMC program I value most, and I’ve been a VA patient since November 1967.    The Secure Messaging feature is the one place I turn to again and again. Dr. Michael J. Kilfoyle of the Silver Team at the Boise VA Department(…)

Thanksgiving Dinner

By Joseph W. Krawczyk VA Medical Center- ST. Louis, Mo   I believe the year was 1998. My mother was terminally ill, and I was taking care of her. My cousin, brother and his wife were the only family left. We were not as close as we used to be. However, that year, we all(…)

I Served During World War II

For three years, I served in the Pacific under General Douglas MacArthur. Due to my 1st sergeant rank, I had 244 men under my supervision. Numerous men were killed during the war and tried to take care of each other. Americans and Japanese were there! When I was a youth, our family, the Robillards, lived(…)

Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

We grew up in the hollow of a small rural town with one store, one post office, one bank and one signal light. We had 13 in our family but those were the days when it didn’t cost much to feed a large family and most people grew food in the garden and kept chickens.(…)

Thunderbird Down!

While I was in the Air Forces at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., I was an aircraft mechanic. Different types of aircraft and squadrons were situated in rows on the flight line. The red, white and blue thunderbird squadron was on the line next to the row of aircraft in which I was a crew(…)

Nurse Ratchet’s Mistake

by Gregory J. Topliff (published in Veterans’ Voices Spring 2003 issue) Come my comrades and you will hear about an infamous nurse that all did fear. She entered the ward all dressed in white, screaming, “Attention! Attention! Attention!” with all of her might. “Get out of those beds you sleepy heads! I’m here to bring(…)

Untitled Warriors

by Richard W. Haling (published in Veterans’ Voices Summer 2004 issue) As the ocean’s waves come to a mist, They soothe my mind like a woman’s kiss. An eagle lands upon our mast, To God I bow with prayers to cast. We fought in Beirut and Libya, With no future thanks or media. We sailed(…)

American Soldiers in a Foreign Land

by George Higgins (published in Veterans’ Voices Fall 2004 issue) From Afghanistan to Iraq and then From Baghdad to Tirkrit and back again There’re G.I.s combatting terrorists on the run In the hot desert air and blazing sun. American soldiers on duty in foreign lands With rifles, BAR, and carbines in their hands Ready to(…)

The HVWP’s Legacy of Love

by Van Garner, VA Medical Center — Murfreesboro, TN (published in Veterans’ Voices Spring 2003 issue) I recall a time of extreme despondency, a time when life was void of any fruitful expectations. I was like a wind-blown leaf floating upon a sea of disaster, with no hope of being reunited with others of my kind. This(…)