Thanksgiving Dinner

By Joseph W. Krawczyk

VA Medical Center- ST. Louis, Mo


I believe the year was 1998. My mother was terminally

ill, and I was taking care of her. My cousin, brother

and his wife were the only family left. We were not as

close as we used to be. However, that year, we all had

Thanksgiving dinner together. My brother and his wife

prepared the dinner, and Cousin Jerry also brought some

fantastic desserts.


We were so glad to see each other in one place,

together again like old times. We never said a word about

how seldom we saw each other but we were reassured

By the fact that we loved each other, no matter what. we

talked so much; we talked our way through dinner. We

also prayed in Thanksgiving for all we had meant to each

other. God bless that day. It was important to all of us; it

was soon after that, my mother passed away.

Writing Aides: Jacque Burgess
Liz Rice-Sosne
Typist: Nancy S. Dunn