Volunteers support the VVWP mission by…

• helping veterans write (writing aides);
• start a writing group with other veterans in your area (we can help you do this);
• organize fundraisers within your community or workplace;
• share our mission and information with other veterans, their families and community;
• representing VVWP on Veterans Administration Voluntary Service Committees
• serving on the Board of Directors;
• typing manuscripts by veteran writers
• helping office staff with administrative duties (must be technology and internet savvy)

Get involved today by contacting the VVWP office at 816-701-6844 or send an email to volunteer@veteransvoices.org!!

To volunteer within the VA System: Print and complete the following downloadable form or send your request to VVWP, 406 West 34th St., Suite 103, Kansas City, MO  64111. Also complete the VA application for voluntary service here:


Volunteer Form



VA Voluntary Service Form

Help support our veterans and the VVWP— it’s a patriotic cause!

The continuation of VVWP through the 21st century depends on you!
Why I became a volunteer — a veteran writer and volunteer shares his story!
10 helpful tips for volunteer writing aides!