Why I Became a Volunteer

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Why I became a volunteer — a veteran writer and volunteer shares his story!
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The following article on volunteerism was written by one of our veteran writers, Bill Burns, who died June 1, 2004. He was a volunteer at the Dallas VA Hospital with over 3,000 hours of service and was awarded a Volunteer of the Year award for 2003.

By Bill Burns, veteran writer and VVWP volunteer

I had something to give, but did not know what. I did not have a lot of money or other goods, but I did have time. So, it is time that I put to good use, by helping others. By donating time, I discovered that I had a lot to give, more than others that I know. I got a lot back. I made many new friends. I found that I could put a smile on someone’s face by helping them find the help they needed. I learned a lot as a volunteer! I don’t need a lot of money or material possessions to help someone in need. I have what money cannot buy. I have time and time well spent. I feel good about myself and about others, so as a volunteer, I am proud to be one. If you do not have a lot of money or goods, but have the time, you, too, can be a volunteer and see the good that comes of it. Just like the Army, “Be all that you can be.” Become a volunteer and you will be an Army of one!

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