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Materials are accepted year round. Once the manuscripts are “checked in,” they are then forwarded to the VVWP volunteer editors. Only manuscripts that follow these submission guidelines will be considered for publication in Veterans’ Voices.

Writers may submit up to three typed poems, each no longer than 24 lines with a 60 character width. Prose should be no longer than 10 pages, typed using double line spacing. Artists can submit up to 10 drawings and photographs.

Important: If the contact form is not filled out at the top of your submission, we CANNOT publish your work!

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Mailed Submissions:

Here is a Word doc template to make your submission easier.
Writing Submission Template
If you are a veteran, download the Submissions Guidelines form below and follow the instructions. Mail your writing to the VVWP office at 406 West 34th St., Suite 103, Kansas City, MO  64111.


Submission Guidelines


If you are submitting a photograph please complete and submit this release:


Photo Release